Welcome to the home of Ron Elliott  piano technician, who's been fortunate to have spent his career working with artists and composers in concert and recording venues throughout the world.

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The timeless design of the piano action has served the artist for centuries.  

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Black, shining and in concert attire, they await the arrival of the artist.

Piano technical services for the recording and concert industry. Specializing in Steinway & Sons model "D" piano service.  

I do service all models of grand pianos!

Nothing quite like sinking you hands and ears into a great piano.

Fresh ideas. Lasting results. Let us help make your vision a reality with the artistry, craft, creative problem solving, and industry expertise that you can’t get anywhere else. No matter what your goals are, Ron Elliott,Concert Piano Technician, can get you there. We focus on giving our clients the expertise, attention, and in-depth knowledge they need to get where they want to go.

Walt Disney Concert Hall pianos, Los Angeles-Ron's office since 2003.
I tuned/maintained 4 NY Steinway D's and 1 Hamburg D for all events onstage.  I was the Chief Technician and the only one!

'Palacio De Bellas Artes'.....Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City -Concert stage/Hamburg D-274 with stained glass curtain backdrop.

Hamburg model "D-274" La Jolla,California

Green Music Center, Sonoma, California

Fox Scoring stage-2 NY model D's, Los Angeles, California 

Hamburg and NY model D's onstage and ready for a selection.